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The scarcity mindset describes a state of thinking characterized by the constant belief that there will NEVER BE ENOUGH, whether that’s money, resources, food, time, etc. At Elite High Performance we see this type of thinking a lot with our high achievers but since COVID has taken over, scarcity mindsets are abound—and it makes sense! How can you not be concerned about having enough resources when you’re worried about job security or have watched family or peers lose jobs.

Scarcity thinking can be good, it can give us a sense of urgency to fulfill and unmet need that we may have. For instance, a current popular unmet need for many is social connection, scarcity thinking can motivate us to pick up the phone and FaceTime a group of friends.

But, if we’re not careful, scarcity thinking can force us to neglect certain areas of our lives for the sake of “prioritizing what’s most important”. Have you ever felt like, despite your best efforts to stay afloat and keep everything in check, that you find yourself at the end of the week totally drained and beaten down? If you’ve fallen victim to this pattern, it’s probably because your mind told you that YOU and your mental health weren’t important enough priorities—and we can’t emphasize enough just how important your mental health is! Check in with one of our coaches to learn how to break through your scarcity thinking patterns and start thinking the way a high performer does. 

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