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Why is stepping outside of your habits such a crucial high-performance ritual?

We’ve been deep diving into the concept of high-performance habits this month, so today’s quote may sound, at first, to be a little confusing…

Can stepping outside of your habits actually be something you do routinely? And if so, why is that such a high-performance thing to do..

High-performers pride themselves on constant growth – which requires routinely getting into the Mental Gym and consciously training different aspects of their performance. 

One of the most crucial things a high-performer trains on the regular is the discipline of stepping outside of the autopilot, even for just a few mins a day, to practice conscious awareness. 

What does this mean? It means investing your awareness towards something strategically. In this case – it’s the discipline of checking in daily on your biggest habits and ensuring that they are fuelling, not tanking, your high-performance goals. 

Practice this yourself today by taking a few mins to ask yourself consciously “what habits are working and which ones are not?” Then get super intentional about the adjustments you need to make to your autopilot. 

The result = maximizing your rate of growth ??

-Coach Susan

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