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Did you know that confidence is a requisite when you’re serious about showing up and playing your biggest game – that’s why High-Performers pride themselves on making confidence building a priority in their mental gym workouts. 

So how do they habitually do the mental work to ensure confidence remains at its peak sustainably over time?

High-Performers do the “self” work – they spend quality time connecting with who they really are and alllll the value that they bring to the table. 

All skills, talents, strengths, attributes, and gifts that make them feel strong, unique and confident. 

Connecting with all the value they bring to any aspect of their life or work, helps High-Performers stand on a strong foundation of self, which unlocks max resources in the brain and ensures they show up playing their biggest game. 

We want to know – What do you do habitually to build your confidence?

-Coach Susan


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