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Do you make it a habit to always be learning new things? Reading new books, watching documentaries and taking courses on topics of interest?

The High-Performance mindset is all about #growth – never stop learning new things and you will maximize your rate of growth over time. 

One of the biggest mistakes the High-Achiever mindset makes is to fill up their schedule with autopilot tasks that do not challenge the brain to test its edges of knowledge and go outside its comfort zone acquiring new skills or expertise. 

Nothing is worse for the human brain than status quo – it can lead to feelings of boredom, apathy, depression and numbness – definitely NOT high-performance states. 

Put learning something new into the agenda this week and see how you feel afterwards? Then notice how those feelings and that new knowledge leads to further growth – we guarantee it will in some area of your performance ?? #therippleeffect

-Coach Susan


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