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You know this is what we High-Performance Coaches live for – sending you into The Mental Gym to uncover where your brain needs to be trained to overcome those mental roadblocks. 

Last time, we asked you to track down where your habits of thinking were sabotaging your success.

The next step is to CHALLENGE those thoughts to be in support of what you’re on a mission to achieve. 

For instance, you’re on a mission to step into that boardroom and rock the big presentation. 

Your habitual thoughts start to appear whenever you’re starting to work on the presentation: “This is going to be a disaster” and “I was so nervous last time, it’s going to happen to me again.” 

At this moment, you can take power over your thoughts by replacing these negative thoughts into positive thoughts such as, “I’m so much better prepared this time around, I’ve got an important message to deliver and I just know I’m going to rock this presentation.”

What is one recurring thought that you can change this week? We’d love to hear about the work you’re doing on retraining your habits of thinking.

-Coach Susan


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