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We all have them – from biting our fingernails to binging on ice cream when the day finally ends and willpower is at its lowest point. 

The question therefore isn’t do you have them, but rather how do you successfully break them?

Science says, depending on how long you’ve had the habit, and how deeply entrenched it is in your brain, it can take anywhere from 30 days to 6 months to change it. The most important piece is to have the right method. We will teach you our FOUR-STEP PROCESS on how to break them below and this time for GOOD! 

Follow these steps below to break your bad habits:

1) COMMITMENT: you’ve got to connect with why you absolutely must break that habit

2) CONNECT: with the pain of not breaking that habit now

3) ACTION PLAN: put a game plan into place and get specific about the steps you will take to start changing the behaviour associated with the bad habit (note: baby steps are always best for the brain)

4) ACCOUNTABILITY: put it out there that you’re committing to changing the behaviour. Tell an accountability buddy who will circle back and ask about your progress. 

Try this out and let us know how we can help you below.

-Coach Susan


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