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Here we go…it’s time to dive deeply into our next High-Performance topic… ‘High-Performance Habits.’

Are you starting to level-up and bring your A-game, but are noticing that you can’t sustain it? We will teach you in the next posts how to master your habits each and every day. 

Before we dive into this topic, what is a habit? The Cambridge Dictionary defines a habit as something that you do often or regulatory without noticing that you do it. 

In The Mental Gym, we refer to it as your autopilot, which is responsible for 95-97% of your daily decisions (wow…that’s a lot, right?)

Habits form over time when reinforced (strengthened) by repetitive action (doing something over and over again). 

Habits run the show in every area of your performance – your energy levels, your weight, your income, the quality of your relationships and connections. 

As we get ready to dive deeply into exploring the whole brain training concept of High-Performance habits this month, let’s take today to reflect on our habits and see what our awareness level and focus on this topic can uncover. 

See if you can identify what your habits are, and which ones are driving you up or down (towards or away from your important performance outcome goals). 

Before we get started, we want to hear from you: What habits fuel High-Performance for you? Let us know in the comment section below.  

-Coach Susan


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