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Adversity = An Opportunity For Growth

As we all face this collective adversity, I wanted to remind everyone of our core belief at Elite High Performance: Adversity= opportunity for growth.

As an athlete and mental performance coach I have noticed a growing need in the athletic community. High-achieving athletes are hitting one of their biggest roadblocks yet. How do you stay motivated to reach your goals when all of your external helpers (the gym, the rink, the court, coaches, etc.) are closed for business?
The answer lies in teaching yourself how to get motivated and how sustain sustain that motivation without any of those external things! How do you do that? By getting in the mental gym.

And now, more than ever, our young athletes need to direction and support from those they look to most—their parents!

In the How to Support your Child Post COVID-19 Free Masterclass, we will discuss some of the game changing mental skills that parents can use with their young athletes to start leveling up in the mental gym!

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