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This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT lessons on detoxing your mindset – do you believe you can…do that which you’re on a mission to achieve?

This is the single most important belief that there is when it comes to leveling up and realizing your High-Performance goals – it’s this level of self-belief in what you’re trying to do that activates the confidence and motivation to actually see it through. 

If the answer is no, you know you’ve got work to do…

-it’s time to let go of what stands between you and the “yes I can” answer

-let go of the fear of failing

-let go of the self-doubt that tries to convince you you won’t be able to get there

-let go of the anxiety that you may experience at first stepping outside your comfort zone

These are some of the most common roadblocks we see to having strong self-belief. It’s time to let them go – challenge them, surpass them, prove them all wrong. .

Confidence is like any other muscle in the body – it must be trained. So practice building it today by exercising the courage to let go of the above and take massive action – the more you follow this strategy the more you’ll prove this belief right!

-Coach Susan 


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