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We use this expression all the time with our High-Performance clientele – it’s the concept of woulda, coulda, shoulda ‘ ing ourselves to death. You are likely hearing this voice more during COVID-19 when reflecting on your actions, which is never useful for our growth. 

Whenever you hear yourself using this terminology, we want you to practice questioning where these judgments are coming from?

Who is at the mic in your head anyways?

These judgements often are left over conditioning from childhood (parents, teachers, friends) coming from external influencers. 

They’re not only useless because they are focused on the rear view mirror, but they’re harmful to hold onto because they cause you to beat yourself up emotionally, feeling like a failure as a result.

The only value in looking at the rear view mirror is through the lens of curiosity – why did this happen? What can this teach me? And how can I improve now so this doesn’t happen again?

Time to stop shoulding all over yourself friends – and let go of the mental and emotional baggage that clearly no longer serves your High-Performance mission.

-Coach Susan


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