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Boy oh boy, do we have a lot to let go of post-COVID-19! Sounds like another challenge you’re not ready to undertake? Consider this – forgiveness is like liquid draino for the soul – it’s a gift worth giving yourself today, and let us tell you why…

Too many of us hold onto and harbour deep anger and resentment towards those people who have hurt or disappointed us the most. These resentments may have built up from all the frustrating times during COVID-19 – being sidelined and isolated at home overnight undoubtedly had its challenges for you, your family and your businesses. 

While resentment is a perfectly normal emotion to experience in such difficult times of rapid change, hanging onto it long term is not. Deepak Chopra says that this is like drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die (the other person being the source of your resentment). 

You see, the anger and resentment you hold onto only hurts you most – it’s toxic energy to hold onto in your brain and your body and it manifests in self-destructive decision-making. 

Forgiveness is accepting that you cannot change the past or the person who hurt you – it’s choosing instead to focus on what you can control – the here and now and choice to accept the situation happened, and decision to move beyond it with forgiveness. 

Try contemplating the following question:

How is holding onto this resentment or anger preventing me from or helping myself grow in the direction of that which is most meaningful to me?

The answer to this question will help you see that it’s time to let it go, to make the empowered choice to release the toxic emotional sludge – forgiveness isn’t letting “them” off the hook, it’s letting yourself and your growth go free. 

-Coach Susan 


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