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Are you hanging onto the same old excuses that you’ve been repeating throughout COVID-19?

“I don’t have enough time to workout”

“Eating healthy is impossible under these stressful circumstances”

“I’m too stressed and drained to even think about going after that promotion at work”

“What’s the point of trying to connect with him and communicate about what’s bothering me – he always shuts down and we get nowhere”

We know these incessant stories seem to be legitimate reasons standing between you and everything you want – but we are here to help you expose the real truth about what they really are – EXCUSES!

Your beliefs, which are those behind the scenes filters in your brain creating these excuses, come from experiences you’ve had in the past. 

Bust these excuses for what they really are – myths and distortions of truth. The reality is that just because it may have been true in the past does not guarantee that it has to be true now or in your future. 

Change and growth require new, more empowering stories behind the scenes in your belief systems – stories that support reasons why you must make the time, try harder to connect, and try new ways to manage your stress so that you can tackle meaningful growth challenges and opportunities in all areas of your life. 

Commit to dropping one excuse this week using this strategy and watch the myths go up in smoke – the result will be a new choice, new action, and new results that will support and reinforce new truths and beliefs. All of which will support new growth in the direction of what you really want. 

-Coach Susan


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