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One of the biggest things we see roadblocking our clients in the chair is the incredibly self-sabotaging habit of avoidance.

Avoidance of the hard work that can come with periods of growth, avoidance of the truth as to how bad it will get if you don’t change now, and avoidance of the disciplines that will get you where you want to go in your life and your work.

It can be an incredibly difficult pattern to break because of allllll the hardwiring and conditioning subconsciously holding it in place. 

Avoidance =  the pleasure of not having to deal, put in the extra effort, maintain conscious levels of focus. 

But the reality is, avoidance is like carbon monoxide – you can’t see it or smell it but it will annihilate your growth efforts. 

So if you’re trying to accelerate your rate of growth this summer, the avoidance pattern is definitely one to look out for.

Ask yourself – “where am I avoiding the growth work I must do and what is that really costing me?”

Remember, awareness accelerates growth and you can’t avoid this deeper mindset work when creating changes in your mindset.

-Coach Susan 


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