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What do you need to let go of after enduring isolation and COVID-19?

As we always say here in The Mental Gym, awareness comes before intelligence. So naturally, before delving deeply into the concept of detoxing your mindset, we need to know what you are working on letting go of after COVID-19?

Are you weighed down by access levels of stress, worry, sadness, apathy, powerlessness, frustration, lack of motivation, lack of focus, self-doubt, anxiety or anger?

When life gets more challenging (keeping our kids entertained, making it to client meetings on time, exercising at home, all while trying to manage everything else), our mindset can get bogged down with all kinds of roadblock emotions. 

That is why today’s strategy is to do a brain dump on where your emotional pulse is at by writing down all of the red flag/negative emotions you are experiencing the most throughout the day. Identifying these roadblock emotions is the very first step in knowing where there is some mindset detoxing to be done. 

So get out your pen and paper and get to work!

Make sure to let us know what you find so we can help you develop strategies on how to best let them go.

-Coach Susan 


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