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The COVID-19 pandemic and all of the massive changes to our normal routine are very tough, not only on the world, but on our mindset as well. And that is why we are excited to announce that this week’s deep dive topic is going to be…⁣

How to Detox Your Mindset!⁣

We know you may be thinking of doing a health cleanse in preparation for those summer time bathing suits, but have you ever thought about the importance of cleansing your mindset for optimal performance health?⁣

COVID-19 can definitely weigh on our mindset – staying inside, limiting social interaction, worrying about getting sick, financial difficulties all while trying to take care of ourselves, businesses, and children. ⁣

That is why we cannot wait to dive deeply into our favourite mental detox strategies just in time for the arrival of summer and as the world starts to open up again. ⁣

We want to know what you need cleansed so that we can bring you our best brain training tips and tools. Leave a comment below letting us know what you need us to focus most deeply on.⁣

-Coach Susan

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