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Our principle Mental Brain Trainer, Lauren is back here for another one and this time she is going to talk about self-care.⁣

Coach Lauren says..⁣

“Taking care of myself seems selfish given everything that’s going on.” – High-Achievers everywhere. You’d be surprised by often we hear this!⁣

Self-care is a pillar of our work with our clients. What is self-care? It depends on YOU! Self-care looks different for a lot of people. Maybe it looks like journalling, reading, getting creative, exercising, or meditating. But we like to think of it as a blocked off time of the day just for you in addition to the constant practice of emotional intelligence and self-awareness. When is the last time you truly checked in on how you’re feeling? ⁣

It’s like the reminder given on every flight you get on: Make sure you secure your own mask before assisting someone else with theirs. If you’re working at a deficit, taking care of others and not yourself, all the time, the end result will be far from what you want it to be.⁣

Avoid burnout and keep your performance and health at optimal levels by engaging in the simple practice of self-care everyday. You’re passionate about helping others, but we want you to get passionate about helping yourself.”⁣

If you have a young athlete who has been stuck at home in isolation, who has lost the drive, the confidence or the discipline to sustain their High-Performermance journey, book with Lauren today. Lauren offers 1 Month of one-on-one coaching designed to execute weekly action plans and realize your performance goals. Book here:

-Coach Susan

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