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Why is growth the primary leadership goal for us all?

One of our fav leadership experts Dr. Brene Brown defines leadership as “helping others to reach their highest potential.”

We absolutely love this definition because as we all know here in The Mental Gym, it all starts with realizing yours. 

The world needs us, more than ever, to dig deep, step up and step back out into the world in a way that changes how the game of life is played forever. ⁣

Therefore, growth must be the primary leadership goal – reaching your highest potential is all about maximizing your rate of growth sustainably over time. 

Powerful leadership is not a perfect game for any of us – remember the mantra – “its progression not perfection, feedback not failure.” 

Progression is a goal that we can always reach. Can we show up and do the best we possibly can with the capacity we have today? If the answer is yes, then that’s all any of us can do. This mindset turns down the volume on the inner critic chatter and opens us up into a more resourceful state.

So, I’m calling on you to level up your mindset strategies, and join me as we own our role in our lives, our work and in our world community – this world needs us as leaders in our own lane more than ever – that’s the biggest opportunity in all this current adversity for us as a collective world family. 

Remember, you’re not in this alone – I’m in it to win it with you my tribe! ⁣

-Coach Susan


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