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Leadership 2.0 is driven by consistently high levels of passion and energy. 

Where do they gather these powerful emotional resources from?

Strong leaders are passionate about their people – they deeply care about seeing them thrive and will stop at nothing to support them in realizing their highest potential. 

Seeing their people thrive brings a huge sense of fulfillment to strong leaders because they know that it is a direct reflection of their level of impact. 

Strong leaders care about their people first and the numbers second because they know it’s how their people feel that inevitably drive the external output they provide.

When positively influencing and impacting your people is your core value and what drives your motivation as a leader, not only will you succeed out in the world, so too will your people. Which will help you spread the positive ripple effect out into the world and your communities, at a time when this world needs that more than ever. 

Think about how you want to influence the world after Covid-19 and the recent protests against racial injustice – if you truly value the growth and evolution of not only your bottom line, but the people who drive your bottom line, you will be able to use this strategy of thinking to unleash greater levels of passion and energy toward your impact mission. 

-Coach Susan


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