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Is Leadership an Act of Courage? It sure is in our books. 

That is because they know that’s where max growth will occur and true leaders are always growing. 

They never let fear stop them – they face difficult choices, hard conversations and owning mistakes head on. These opportunities for growth might be coming up more and more for you during covid-19, the recent protests against racial discrimination and subjugation, and upon reflecting about vulnerable leadership here with us.

Leaders answering the call to courage are modelling the power behind this leadership 2.0 strategy – they speak up when they know they must – expressing their voice when it’s needed, either to express an important idea or to defend the important ideas of others. 

They aren’t afraid to be vulnerable either, because they know it’s the best path forward, towards growth, towards connection and towards increasing levels of influence, which are requisites to playing your biggest impact game as a leader. 

-Coach Susan


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