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Our world is undoubtedly going through a major shift. We are all being called on, now more than ever, to step up and be stronger leaders in our own lives, our homes, our businesses, our health and our world community.
The universe is calling on us to wake up – to break free of mindless autopilot decision-making, and to seek clarity about what truly matters most, so that we reorient our decisions in the direction of positive, healthy growth.
I see all too often, first-hand in the work that I do, how difficult change and growth can be for some human beings. And the avoidance tactics they use when trying to protect their status quo thinking.
Avoidance, I teach my clients, is like carbon monoxide. You can’t see it, taste it, touch it or feel it – but it will kill you the longer you stay trapped in that self-sabotaging pattern.
We’ve officially reached a tipping point with our collective avoidance of some of our world’s most troubling forms of avoidance: we can no longer avoid honouring Mother Nature (she’s been weeping for some time), our health (our immune systems, our psychological and emotional wellbeing), prioritizing high-quality connection time with loved ones (teen suicide and divorce rates that are higher than ever), the way we build and run our businesses (social and ecological responsibility) and most of all, as of these horrific recent events, EACHOTHER (our human family members who are suffering most at the hands of systemic social, economic and racial injustice, discrimination, marginalization and subjugation.
The message is clear and simple – Avoidance is no longer an option – this world cannot and will not survive if we keep our heads and our hearts in the sand.
I’m calling on you on behalf of the world we share – we need you more than ever to find your voice. To use it twice as much and twice as loud as those who do not yet have one or are struggling to be heard. To be the change we all need to see. To step up and own your role in our family – the human family. To step out of avoidance and into the light of awareness – we can’t solve it if we don’t first acknowledge it’s a collective problem we all share.

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