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Hopefully by now, we can all hear the universal call right now to step into our Leadership 2.0 roles – whether you previously considered yourself to be a leader or not, if you’ve been following along with us this week, by now you can see that if you care about a result, a goal or another human being, you are a leader. This world needs you more than ever to step up and claim ownership of your leadership strategies. ⁣

Let’s start off this week by taking a deeper look at what Leadership 2.0 strategy is NOT…⁣

-letting go of the wheel of your autopilot and saying “go ahead Brain, you’ve got it alllll figured out by now – you take over completely now”⁣

-tapping out and giving up⁣

-believing your life is meaningless and has no purpose to it⁣

-Leadership 2.0 is not believing that you’re powerless to affect change.⁣

-believing the critics, haters, judges, bullies or bad guys⁣

-getting knocked down and staying down⁣

We see this resistance win too often in a world that tries to convince us to take yourself out of the growth game – but please remember, life can sometimes have a funny way of helping us grow (pain, disappointment, roadblocks, deadend streets, loss, failure). ⁣

Leadership 2.0 is remembering that life is helping you realize your life’s mission, purpose and setting you up in creative ways to help you play your biggest impact game. ⁣

Now is not the time to let these negative beliefs take over. We are needed as leaders, to help the world around us, make best and highest use of all this collective adversity. ⁣

The key that unlocks it for us as leaders is the commitment to the “me” work – the journey, the process of growth, getting in The Mental Gym. Now is the time to commit to this so that you can show up in the world and own our role in the world.

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