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Today is a very special day here on Team Elite – today we welcome aboard Lauren Williams, our new principal Mindset Brain Trainer for athletes. ⁣

We’ve been running an 8-year scouting report on this incredibly passionate High-Performance Coach. Ever since she first walked through our Elite doors, as a young woman on a mission to realize her dreams of playing at the highest level of women’s hockey – a dream we helped her make into a reality via Mindset Strategy Architecture. ⁣

After competing for 4-years at the #1NCAA D-1 hockey program in Wisconsin, winning several National Championships, and being elected assistant captain, Lauren competed in the National Women’s Hockey League (where I too competed), all while completing her degrees in Psychology/Sociology and receiving her masters degree in clinical psychology.⁣

She is officially ready to launch on her mission to help other young athletes brain train on the very same mindset strategies that took her all the way to the top of her game. She cracked the code on how to unlock and unleash her highest potential in sport, academics and life, and her purpose now is to spread the positive ripple effect that comes on the other side of this game changing Elite High Performance process. ⁣

I’ve been personally mentoring Lauren over the last year and she is officially ready to lead the charge with our junior Elite clientele. I couldn’t be any prouder of this young women.⁣

If you have a young athlete who has been stuck at home in isolation, who has lost the drive, the confidence or the discipline to sustain their High-Performance journey, book a FREE consultation.⁣

Book a session with Lauren:

“If you want to go pro, you’ve got to start thinking like a professional athlete does, and that always starts by getting them into The Mental Gym.”⁣

-Coach Susan

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