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I’ve witnessed many clients unleash their highest potential. ⁣

I studied High-Performance Coaching, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Success Psychology, and Leadership Mindset Strategy Architecture so that I could open up my practice in downtown Toronto over a decade ago. Since then, I’ve been helping high-performers in life, sports and business achieve excellence and in doing so, I’ve developed a powerful science-based coaching process that gets results quickly and predictably.⁣

This is what some of my past clients have to say about working with me:⁣

“As a professional athlete, I’ve realized the importance of mental strength and focus in hockey. Susan’s Performance Coaching skills have tremendously helped me those areas.”⁣

-Gregory Campbell, Forward, Boston Bruins⁣

“From our first session together, Susan zeroed in on the exact kind of coaching and support I needed, and over the course of a few short months helped me transform a low from which I didn’t think I would recover into an incredible source of personal growth and inspiration. As I kept saying to Susan during our sessions, simply put, Susan’s process is no less than magic. Her incredible astuteness, uplifting energy, and the cognitive strategies and tools she teaches set me up for one of the most supportive and meaningful growth experiences I have ever had. Since working with Susan, I have experienced my professional and personal life from an empowered and inspired place that makes me wish I had found Susan a lot sooner. I wholeheartedly recommend Susan’s services to anyone who wants to transform a difficult experience into finding their best self.”⁣

-Maria G., Lawyer⁣

Do you want results similar to my past clients? Are you ready to level up in your life and career?⁣

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-Coach Susan

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