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How will you know when you’re in your flow?

Scientists say “it’s the no sense of time or space” state. 

Athletes say “it’s being in the zone.”

Entrepreneurs and biz peeps say “it’s closing the deal, making shit happen, having max influence and impact.”

Here at Team Elite, we like to say “it’s being plugged in, hooked up to the source, the internal GPS that guides you to the HQLE.”

Finding your flow is a completely personal experience – it’s different for everyone. That’s why we want you to dial into and deeply examine what this means to you?

Look for moments when:

-you’re fully engaged 

-totally present and connected to the moment (not in your head)

-you’re on fire (doing your best work)

-feel guided by an internal sense of knowing what to do and say at the right moments

-feel super passionate and motivated

-feel fulfilled and deeply rewarded

-fully self trusting to show up and just let er rip!

And we want to hear about it…how do you know when you’re in your flow? How can you apply the flow state to your business, health and relationships during COVID-19? Comment below to let us know.

-Coach Susan


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