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Focus is a valuable and finite resource that needs to be managed for optimum performance.

Much like we only have so much time and energy in a day, our focus is highly limited too. This could be more limited with the underlying stress of COVID-19, and more responsibilities and distractions around the house.

Neuroscientists at Princeton University refer to this as cognitive bandwidth – once your focus is used up, that’s it, that’s all – you’re left out to Pasteur in the land of distraction and procrastination.

So how do we manage our bandwidth best during COVID-19?

It requires strategy – a heck of a lot of strategy. In other words, it must be managed like time and energy.

Neuroscientists say we can only focus on tasks that are highly intensive, either cognitively or physically, for up to 90 minute blocks. Anything more than that and you’re off the edge of a cliff, and focus takes a nosedive.

Recovery at these 90 minute intervals is imperative when it comes to optimal levels of focus.

What can you do to recover your focus? Try taking a walk, meditating, deep breathing or listening to music. Anything that gives you a mental break will work.

Try this out today and notice how refreshed and ready to get focused you are after even just 5-10 mins mental breaks. And notice how much more productive your output will be – we promise if you do, you’ll be hooked on this brain training strategy the most.

-Coach Susan

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