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We’ve heard it all when it comes to this question – take a hot bath, sleep, go for a walk in nature…but what actually works best when it comes to recovery strategies?

Well, it all comes down to you and knowing what works best. This might take some flexibility during COVID-19 when we do not have our normal routines and we can’t do our normal recovery strategies. There is no one-size fits all best answer to this question.

Do you know what works best for your recovery?

The key to answering this question for yourself is to dig in and really ask yourself what it is that you need to recover. If you feel burnt-out, ask yourself what the cause is – lack of healthy sleep hygiene? Working too hard and too long? Not taking any breaks? Not eating healthy enough to sustain peak levels of energy output? Lack of spiritual grounding and connection time?

Bottom Line is – Uncovering root causes is the absolute key to identifying what needs to shift and change in your life to adequately develop a strategic approach to managing your recovery better.

-Coach Susan

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