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We know, we know – this one feels counterintuitive to your nervous system.

High-Achievers are used to being in the go, go, go mentality. During COVID-19, we are being forced to slow down BIG time.

Speeding through life feels like the way to get ahead – Adrenalin and cortisol have a funny way of convincing us that we are being productive.

The reality is, that mentally and physically shifting gears is the only sustainable road to peak performance. And it just so happens, that getting into a peak state of flow requires slowing down, getting grounded and finding your zen.

Athletes who train their bodies for peak performance call this strategy periodization- a phenomenon that proves the only way to truly accelerate and maximize your rate of growth is through rest and recovery (shifting gears down).

Slowing down, taking a rest or a mental break, may feel like a waste of time, but trust us, as experts in this field, the top performers in the world are disciplined to recover just as well as they are to peak at the right times.

Try shifting gears down today and see what happens when you gear back up to full speed – not only will you reach new heights of focus, creatively and problem solving, but you’ll feel happier, more engaged, energized and fulfilled in the end.

-Coach Susan

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