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Do you feel alone because you are working in a silo lacking the guidance, support and accountability that will get you to the next level?

Sure, you can try to LevelUp on your own – but it won’t take you long to learn that LevellingUp is really a team sport.

That is if you expect to sustain the level of output required to actually make it happen.

It takes a heck of a lot of energy, motivation, confidence, focus, and clarity to make shit happen in a next level way – so if you’re running solo, who is going to be there, in your corner, when any of these things starts to dip?

We are limited by our own subjective experience of ourselves – it naturally creates many blind spots in our performance. If you’re trying to grow in a silo, who will help you identify these roadblocks?

Now LevellingUp sounds like wayyyyy more fun when done as a team sport, doesn’t it?! Try to reach out to your accountability buddies during this time!

-Coach Susan

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