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Are you noticing self-doubts and insecurities coming up with your vision during Coronavirus?

So naturally, when stepping out onto a ledge (the edges of what is known and familiar), the brain will do its thing and subconsciously, try to convince you that it’s too dangerous, not

necessary, not worth it. .

So how do we overcome this mental resistance to change and growth?

By remembering all the reasons why you absolutely MUST.

Try asking yourself the following questions to refuel your mental resources when resistance tries to steal them:

-Why are you doing this in the first place?

-What are you sick and tired of feeling at this current step?

-What will you feel when you challenge yourself to grow?

-What will you gain by taking this risk?

-What will you let go of?

-What does this growth have to do with your mission, purpose, values, etc.?

Don’t let resistance impact your rate of growth – there are no excuses in the end. If you run through this framework of LevellingUp questions, you should be good to go and grow. No pain, no gain – you’ve got to do the mental work!

-Coach Susan

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