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Are you ready to turn Covid-19 into a Launchpad for your growth in 2020? To find the opportunities dressed up in disguise of all this collective adversity we are all up against? To accelerate your way through mental muck so that you use this challenging time in isolation to LevelUp in your performance so that who you are on the other side of this Tsunami is a better, stronger, more resilient version of yourself? Are you ready to play a bigger game in 2020? Well then boy oh boy do I have a very special resource to share with you today!
I am launching a new program called The Launchpad: Mindset Brain Training for High-Achievers program! The Launchpad is a 12 week online High-Performance Coaching program designed for High-Achievers who are ready to level up, in their lives and their careers.
Think of it as basecamp boot-camp for High-Achievers who are ready to become High-Performers. In this 12 week online program, we will take a deep dive exploration into the mindset strategies that are holding you back, so that we can deconstruct the broken, unsustainable patterns that are driving you into the brick wall or the glass ceiling in your growth.
We will then rearchitect stronger, more sustainable mindset strategies that will set you up to maximize your ROG (rate of growth), so that you can realize your highest potential in all areas of your performance: health, wealth, self, relationships and business.
This powerful 12 week mental training program will set the stage to make 2020 your most explosive year of growth yet!
Are you ready to double down on your growth in 2020, so that you can level up and play your biggest game? I can hardly wait to expose you to this high-level, behind the gates intel that changed the game forever for me. Let’s do this – we’re in it to win together!
Register here:
I would love to have you and help you launchpad into your next level of growth.
Coach Susan

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