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Hopefully the idea of leveling up seems pretty appealing by now…more passion, drive, passion, growth and fulfillment – now who doesn’t crave some of that in their life right now?
Then why is it that so many people avoid challenging themselves to go after that next level of
LevellingUp isn’t easy – while in the process of tackling anything new comes lots of uncertainty. And with uncertain territory can come lots of fear, self-doubt and insecurity.
Imagine yourself standing out on the ledge of anything – where there is no concrete ground there that is guaranteed to catch you.
That’s what stepping out into the unknown can feel like – scary AF!
That’s where brain training comes into the equation – tools and strategies designed specifically for this type of mental and emotional support.
Do you know how to manage the fears and self-doubts that pop up, trying to convince you to stay where you are, small, stuck, unfulfilled and stagnant in your growth?
Remember, this type of mental resistance is just your brain doing its job – trying to keep you safe and alive. If your brain had it its way, it would keep you running on autopilot for ever.
But there is nothing comfortable about the “comfort zone.” It’s designed to work against you when it comes to growth.
Mindset is everything when it comes to architecting the HQLE (the high-quality is life experience). If your toolbox isn’t handy when it’s time to LevelUp, we suggest you make it a priority to step back and gather the fear conquering strategies found right here in The Mental Gym. That’s why we are here. Time to step out on those ledges friends – we’ve got your back during the times at home.
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-Coach Susan

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