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There is no bigger reflection of self-love than observing how someone shows up for themselves.

And how can you measure how well someone is showing up for themselves?… Here’s what you look for: -do they take care of themselves?
-do they nurture their needs emotionally?
-do they have healthy boundaries?
-are they compassionate towards themselves?
-do they invest their time and energy towards the things that matter most to them?
-do they pursue their professional life in a purpose and mission-driven way?
-do they have healthy relationships with others?
-do they attract the value that they are bringing to the world and other people?
-are they happy, inspired, empowered, passionate people?

Self-love is reflected by the choices you make every single day. Your choices tell the story as to what’s most important to you. The above choices reflect how much someone values themselves and therefore, how much love they have for themselves.

If their choices reflect that they aren’t valuing themselves enough in any of the above high-performance categories, then you can tell, they’ve got work to do in learning how to love themselves more.

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