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We know that title may be a hard one to understand at first glance – but trust us when we tell you that there is nothing more high-performance than learning how to love yourself.

The old school strategies for driving high-performance were all about hustle, grind and self-sacrifice.

The new school strategies teach us that you get WAY better results when your drive comes from a place of valuing yourself enough to take proper care of yourself.

Just like a NASCAR winning formula one high-performance automobile needs proper fuel, tires, oil and engine, with a team of experts at its beck and call to win championships when fiercely driving around the track – our minds, bodies and souls are no different.

And only when you love yourself enough to value taking care of yourself in the same way a high-performance vehicle needs to be nurtured, can you experience the same levels of sustainable peak performance in yourself.

When you love something or someone enough, it compels you to fiercely show up, lean in, support, encourage and empower. This same high-performance strategy has to be activated in your relationship with self if the long game is what you are after.

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