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The universal call right now is for us all to step up and practice strong leadership, which requires us helping the collective community by making the right and best decisions within our locus of control – the impact will be the ripple effect that determines how this will all play out for our planet.
As we gather resources and prepare to navigate how best to right the course of this collective ship, and we brace ourselves for the tidal wave that’s about to hit – we must dig deep and compel ourselves to illicit the strategies that help us govern high-quality decision-making skills the most.
Let’s all help each other stay as safe, healthy and supported as best we can – we cannot do this alone, we all must answer this collective call to rise up, and join forces as a community, to rally around each other as a world family, and to find the opportunities for growth, disguised in this adversity. Now that’s a call we know how to answer here at Team Elite, right A-team?
-Coach Susan

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