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Here we go friends – it’s time put all this mindset brain training to work as we collectively brace ourselves for the Covid-19 wave.

Government officials here in Toronto announced that we are officially in a state of emergency.
How about the psychological hit we are all feeling already? Even in the best of times, change is incredibly difficult to navigate. With this much disruption to our routines, our sense of safety and security in the world is suddenly destabilized and how this wave will alter our collective reality. The upstream preparation that we here at Team Elite are feeling compelled to focus on most, is how we will best navigate all this change via mindset strategy architecture.
The #1 mindset strategy we suggest you start working on with us is choosing to focus on what you CAN control. Balancing out the mental and emotional scales is a critical move for us to make as a collective – sure we need to be well informed, as this situation continues to evolve on a moment to moment basis. We also need to focus on how we can best support ourselves through this world crises. And that requires choosing to fill our mindsets up with the right fuel to help us meet our pathological, emotional and physical needs.
-Coach Susan

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