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“It’s common for women to end up in their 40s with nothing left in the tank for themselves. Many of my clients don’t feel how they thought they would feel after all their success and hard work. Because we are outwardly successful our unhappiness feels mysterious.
We have everything. We should be happy. Why do we feel unfulfilled, depressed and angry?
When women reach their 40s after all the giving and doing it shouldn’t be a crisis moment but for many of us it is. For many of us our marriage is under stress, we are irritated and frustrated easily, we are getting triggered all the time and there is a feeling of how did I get here? We are surviving not thriving.
The problem is we can’t just switch gears in our self-concept. Midlife represents an opportunity for women to raise our hands and say my turn. It’s time to get out of survival mode and go towards a higher quality life experience.”
-Liane Wansbrough, Elite Performance Coach
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