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Are you experiencing a ‘midlife crisis’? ?
Our Elite Coach @lianewansbroughsays…
You are not alone. I see time and time again that women over the age of 40 are exhausted and are in need of a mental and physical reset.
I help them take control by getting them a stronger foundation of self and remove the roadblocks that are keeping them stuck in unhealthy life patterns. I use proven principles of emotional intelligence, CBT, neuropsychology and success psychology as the main drivers behind my coaching.
The result? They can experience a higher quality experience of life and want to make better quality decisions for themselves in all areas of their life – health, wealth, self, business, and relationships. I call this the Midlife Reset for High-Performers!

Coaching with me includes:
? A proven method for excavating limiting beliefs
? Learning about the roadblocks that keep you stuck in unhealthy life patterns
? Powerful brain training strategies and tools
? Emotional awareness and intelligence skills that take you to a higher level of self management
? Ability to take control of your life from a stronger foundation of self
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