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One of the most powerful ways to use your vision as High-Performance fuel is to access your inspiration.
A well-formed, clear and compelling vision of the future you want to make into a reality should inspire you in ways that make taking massive action towards that vision exciting.
If your vision for 2020 doesn’t excite and inspire you, it’s not the right vision.
Often times, when people set out into a new year with new resolutions and goals, they are framed in the wrong way (as problems that need to be solved or eliminated – as deficits).
Take a few mins today to test out your vision by getting curious about how it lands in your brain – does it inspire you or make you feel less than?
If the inspiration doesn’t hit when you envision the future you want to make a reality in 2020, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and practice drilling down on what values are embedded in the vision you have set for yourself.
Connecting with why that vision is so important to you is a wonderful way to seek clarity around what matters most and is most meaningful about that vision to you, which is a sure fire way to get the inspiration flowing.

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