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Sad but certainly true, vision is temporary. What we see today, may fade into the background tomorrow.
With more things competing for our attention than ever before, our focus is the most challenged it’s ever been.
You can be focused on something today that makes you feel compelled to make changes in your life, to have the courage to go after something next level, feel empowered to tackle some big challenge at work, to have the motivation to treat your body better, the vulnerability to have a difficulty conversation with your partner, etc.
And then life hits, and rolls onto the next day, the next set of challenges, old worn-out autopilot routines kick in and there it goes – what felt clear, compelling and super important just yesterday has now faded into the background today.
The reality is that January 01st is the busiest time of year at the gym, with lineups behind every treadmill, and come January 21st – crickets at the gym.
Your vision needs to be trained in order to be sustained. Period. Bottom line.
Put a practice into place that keeps you anchored to your 2020 vision. Something that reminds you to focus deeply on it so that you can rekindle the feelings that awakened that vision in the first place. We’d love to hear what you create for yourself – share with us in the comments below.

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