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We’ve all been there – it’s time to step up and give that big pitch at work, and all of a sudden your heart starts racing and your palms start sweating profusely and all of a sudden, your thoughts are flooded with “abort, abort, this is going to be a disaster. Run for your freakin’ life!”
Our brain’s job is to make meaning of things so that it can predict how things will play out – that way it can know if something is safe or not, allowing you to go for it.
So what meaning does the brain make of all this madness happening in the brain and body pre-big pitch?
“This pitch isn’t going to go well. I’m too nervous. I’m going to forget what to say. They’re all going to laugh at me. I’ll lose the account. I’ll get fired.”
So what does our brain decide to do with all this intel?…
F this, I’m out outta’ here!”
Our brain’s belief systems about what things mean drive every decision we make, leading to every action we take (or don’t take), which generate the results we experience in every area of our performance: health, wealth, self, business, and even our relationships.
This is exactly why tracking down the self-saboteur voice in your head is such a crucial aspect of playing your biggest game – if you don’t catch it, and stop it dead in its tracks before stepping up to do big, important things, you won’t be able to intercept the limiting beliefs trying propel you in the opposite direction of your goal – to let ‘er rip and show ’em all what you got!
Test your pass interception skills today by going on a mission to track down where your self-saboteur is trying to mess with your a-game – we won’t to hear about your wins when you do, so please let us hear about it.


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