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Here we go friends – new month and that means it’s a new hot topic for us to dive deeply into exploring this month right here in The Mental Gym.
This month, we’ve chosen to explore the role of the self-saboteur and how learning to conquer it can be the key to unlocking higher levels of performance in all realms.
So who is the self-saboteur you ask…?
It’s that voice in your head telling you to stay small, hide out on the sidelines, stay safe in the comfort zone and above else – is the one secretly sabotaging your growth behind the scenes.
It’s that voice that convinces you “you can’t, you won’t, don’t even bother trying, not now, you’re not ready, you’ll fail, you fall, you make a damn fool of yourself if you even try.”
It’s the one that steals your hope, your confidence, your joy, your passion, your motivation, your focus, your creativity, you inspiration, your power.
It makes you feel small, unworthy, ashamed, afraid, not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, thin enough, strong enough – like an outsider to everything you desire.
We can hardly wait to unpack this juicy hot topic, but first, we want to know, what does your self-saboteur do to mess up your a-game?
-Coach Susan

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