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There are a lot of things that you should avoid when working on LevellingUp:

-negative people
-lack of self-care

The list could literally go on for days…

But what is the absolute #1 most important, non-negotiable thing, that you MUST do when it’s time to LevelUp?

Make the space to grow – That’s right -you’ve got to plan up stream when it’s time to LevelUp, by prioritizing the time, energy and space in your life to dedicate to all that you will need to do to grow.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when tackling the next level of anything is that they don’t adequately plan for how much space they will need to create for their own personal development.

When it’s time to UpLevel, there is a ton of Mindset brain training that must accompany all that you are doing to push the needle forward in your health, wealth, self and business growth.

To battle and overcome the feelings that come when stepping back out on the ledge of your performance:


That’s why we suggest putting a space holder and a place holder for you and you in your calendar, so that you can ensure you’re investing the right amount of time towards your mindset brain training (#TheMentalGym).

Your brain will ultimately determine how successful your UpLevelling efforts will be – that’s why you’ve simply MUST make the space to ensure your mindset is hardwired to support stepping up and playing a bigger game.

-Coach Susan

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