There are many reasons why people don’t strive to LevelUp, but here are the top 10 reasons we see in the High-Performance coaching chair:

Fear – of the unknown, leaving the comfort zone, uncertainty, failure.
Lack of time – stuck on human doing mode, they don’t make the time for themselves to grow.
Lack of energy – giving their energy to the wrong sources leaves them exhausted and having no extra energy to spare.
Lack of clarity – haven’t drilled down on what they really want and why?
Lack of support – stuck in their own subjective experience of self, they don’t have outside perspective, accountability, encouragement.
Lack of confidence – they don’t know how to hold confidence in things they’ve never experienced before.
Lack of motivation – they don’t live from a place of purpose and meaning.
Avoidance – they don’t know how to compete themselves to face what they don’t want to feel.
Excuses – they’re stuck in victim mode, take no accountability or responsibility for their results and therefore, feel powerless to change anything in their lives.
Unhealed trauma – haven’t gone through a process of healing past emotionally traumatic events in their lives that keep them subconsciously feeling unsafe in the world, and therefore, are stuck and incapable of moving forward.
If any of these reasons resonate with you, it’s time to get your butt in our chair and let us help you get unstuck (we are here to help, so as a special offer, DM us for 50% off a Deep Dive Assessment today).

-Coach Susan

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