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Clarity is power when it comes to the brain – the more clear and specific you can be about what LevellingUp means to you, the more powerfully the brain can support your autopilot decisions to be in alignment with where you want to go and grow.

Try starting with the end in mind – close your eyes and see if you can clearly imagine what you will see, hear and even feel, the day you wake up at the next level of your performance.

What indicators of success are showing up on that day?…

Seeing the outcome you desire via the senses makes it real proof to the brain – an incredibly powerful way to start working on the belief that that next level is totally possible and within reach. This programs confidence in the outcome you desire.

Most importantly, dial into the feelings you’re expediting intrinsically (the rewarding feelings you desire to feel once you reach the next level).

Will you feel proud, more alive, engaged, empowered, fulfilled, inspired, passionate, etc. ?

Getting to the emotions you want to feel on association with reaching that next level, the more motivated you will feel once you open your eyes and go after it.

When it’s time to LevelUp, you must always start by laying down the foundation for the success you crave – this is the first and most important first step in architecting the blueprint for LevellingUp in any area of performance.

Once you’ve clearly mapped out your goal, using the powerful brain training strategies above, solidify your intention to go after it this month by sharing your goal with all of your teammates here in The Mental Gym – we want to cheer you on!

-Coach Susan and the Elite Dream Team

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