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The difficulty we have when we decide we want to get healthy or lose weight is that we approach it with an outdated mindset. In most cases we’ve lived with the problem for such a long time that it seems insurmountable. We all have a negative back history of times when we’ve slipped backwards on our health goals and we believe deep down that the same process will repeat itself.

Maybe you’ve let your gym membership lapse unused in the past, been on and off a few diets with varying results and gained the weight back. These are like stressful movies that highlight you in the star role as a failure, lacking in willpower, destined to be overweight and unhappy with your body forever.

These negative beliefs are damaging because over time we lay down this track over and over again in our brains and it erodes our self-esteem and self-efficacy. We continue to perpetuate this self-doubt and reinforce it. As a result we limit our potential results before we even begin.

In high performance health we work to get the brain on our side and in a resourceful mode. We do this by building up the self-belief tank, bringing some emotional flexibility to the brain and setting up the expectation of positive change.

-Coach Liane

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