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Finding your flow can be tricky – most people fall too far to the left or the right of this state naturally, due to broken strategies, so we want to help you find the middle ground, which is where you will find your flow.

The middle ground represents the ideal level of arousal in your nervous system – that’s what gets you into flow.

Too far to the left and there isn’t enough arousal – this is because the level of challenge in front of you is not night enough, or it’s not meaningful and important enough to you.

Falling too far to the left manifests as boredom or apathy.

Falling too far to the right means there is too much arousal in your nervous system – this is because the level of challenge is too high, it exceeds your level of skill too much or the pressure is far too great to manage.

Falling too far to the right manifests in anxiety, self-doubt or fear.

Finding your flow requires finding that ideal intersection between where level of challenge meets level of skill, and where the challenge is meaningful and intrinsically important to you.

That is where your intuition can completely take over, which is where your brain can perform its best (intuition is the smartest part of you).

That is where your conscious mind is completely emerged in what you are doing (the here and now, not past or future tripping).

That is where you feel the ideal concoction of confidence, focus and motivation.

And that is how we reach peak performance ????

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