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We all have em – those days where we get knocked down and we just don’t have it in us to get back up.

These are the days when you curse your roadblocks, fall victim to excuse mode and let’s be honest, feel like pulling the sheets over our heads.

Don’t fight it – that’s right, not what you expected we would say, but hear us out…

We are human beings, not human doings. That means we are ripe with emotions, some good and some really, really difficult to overcome.

The key to recovering to the best of your ability on these down days is to have compassion for yourself.

Most high-achievers go right into guilt and shame mode when they make mistakes or get knocked off track with their goals – beating themselves up because somewhere along the way they either saw adults respond to adversity that way or had an adult treat them that way when a mistake was made.

Either way, having compassion for yourself – remembering all that you do and are currently doing to achieve your goals – is the key sliding back into self-supportive mode quickly.

Remember the goal is to do the best you can, with whatever your capacity that day is. Doing so takes the pressure off and gets you focused on how you will choose to show up next.

It’s not your mistakes that will define you – it’s what you choose to do about them that will!

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