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One of the most important first steps to building stronger recovery time is to assess where your gaps are.

Do a quick performance scan, by asking yourself where there is a gap between where you currently are and where you desire to be instead.

How is poor recovery time contributing to these gaps?

Perhaps you’re burning out? Staying down emotionally too long when roadblocks knock you off your game? Getting too easily distracted and pulled of your priority focuses?

One of the best measures of mental strength is a strong recovery time.

How quickly do you reach for your tools when you need to get back to peak state? How well do you monitor the energy gas tank to ensure you’re adequately tending to your needs? How resilient is your focus?

Self-Awareness is the #1 growth accelerant. Start improving your recovery by taking time today to reflect inwards with the above questions – doing so will illuminate all those valuable opportunities for growth.

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