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Does playing your biggest game mean doing it perfectly every time?
Nope – not at all. Most people get this terminology confused with the perfectionist strategy – doing my best, in other words, means doing it 100% “right”.
We are here to bust that myth, because it’s a belief that will actually sabotage your results.
Playing your biggest game simply is a mental target that high-performers use to ensure they give it their all.
Does that mean they do it perfectly, all the way, absolutely correctly every time?…
Heck no – it means you show up and do your best with the capacity you have that day (which let’s face it, can change very single day as a human being with responsibilities and variables like kids and health).
Just setting the intention to do your best (which is a target you can always hit) sets you up with the belief of “yes, I can do that today”, which will unlock all the confidence you need to actually play your biggest game.

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