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Hell ya they do – you can tell that each and every time they step on that court they are determined to bring their a-game.

In fact, this is a mindset that we love to pull from high-performance athletics – what better lab to see how this mindset works?…

It is a mindset that ensures you raise the bar, give it your very best, and leave it all out there – when something is as important as an NBA championship, you can see how that level of motivation is what kicks their brain and bodies into top gear ????

Turns out, it’s all the same thing in life and in business – when we care deeply about a result that is intrinsically meaningful and important to us, and we try our hardest to do our very best, our peak state gets activated and leads to our very best results!

If it works for the Raps, don’t you think you should at least try it?…

“Congrats to the 2019 NBA CHAMPS – The Toronto Raptors ????”


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